About us

About Megadoors

The company "Megadoors" was founded by "Dream" Ltd., which, in turn, has 25 years of experience in the field of construction materials sales.

"Megadoors" produces both serial and individual orders. The company uses only the highest quality European materials in its production. In particular, the door frame is made of up to 12% dried first-class pine material, which is processed with the latest technologies.

MDF panels from the Austrian brand "Kronospan" are also used, and the surface of the door is covered with ecologically clean PVC plate or Italian paints of the Turkish brand PLASKO. German Sauerland door panels are used for the contents of the door, which provide up to 30 decibels of sound resistance, heat resistance and durability, and the British FALCON panel - 30, 60, and 90 minutes Fire resistance.

Glue and paints are selected from eco-friendly products from Henkel and KLEIBERIT European brands.

"Megadoors", along with various design and structure doors, also offers customers floor tiles (plinths) and wall decorative panels. Megadoors is the only company in Georgia that has an international BM TRADA certificate for 30, 60, and 90 minutes for fire doors.

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Company Objective

Supply of environmentally friendly, environmentally friendly products for customers with quality, safe, innovative, and individual design.

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Our mission is

Creating a safe, healthy, and reliable environment for consumers by complying with international standards and constant quality control.

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Our vision

Megadoors will become the leader in the introduction of innovative products in Georgia.

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Why "Megadoors"?

Quality and environmentally friendly raw materials are used for production. The products are designed for long-term operation. The enterprise is equipped with modern digital machines. The product is created by highly qualified specialists.