MG 406

MG 406

Price: $138 (USD)

Surface: HPL or eco-friendly PVC film from Plasko;

Frame: size: 34*100*2250 mm. Double panel of 12 mm MDF and one panel 10 mm MDF are pressed together for more strength;

Architrave: size: 40*70*2300 mm. On the front is used 12 mm MDF, and inside leg is 4 mm MDF;

Door leaf: for framework is used the premium quality pine, MDF bars, and 6 mm MDF panels. sizes of vertical stand: 2200*110*39 mm, horizontal stands: 2100*110*35 mm. The thickness of inside panels are 10 mm;

Door set: Frame, architrave, door leaf;

Size: (with frame set) 2180*800 mm or 2180*900 mm, and it is recommended to leave aperture by sizes: 2200*820 mm and 2200*920 mm.