«Megadoors» Georgian door European standard

Megadoors is a Georgian company of European quality, which opened in 2017.

LLC “Otsneba”, after 25 years of activity in the sales of building materials, has opened a new production Megadoors with the support of the State Production in Georgia program.

The company produces interior doors of European standard from high quality MDF for the Georgian and foreign markets, as well as interior and exterior doors, fireproof and soundproof doors.
Megadoors produces different collections, different colors and designs, as well as individual orders.

Only the highest quality European materials are used in the production. The door frame is made of 12% dried first-class pine material, developed using the latest technology.

The company uses MDF panels of the Austrian brand "Kronosopan".
The door can be made with HPL coating.

The door is laminated with environmentally friendly PVC film of the Turkish brand PLASKO.
Content - German door panels Sutherland provide up to 30 decibels of noise, heat resistance and strength, and the British HALSPAN panel provides fire resistance.
Glues and paints are selected from environmentally friendly products of the European brands Henkel and Kliberit.

Megadors is the only company in Georgia that has an international BM TRADA certificate for the production of 30, 60, 90 and 120 minute fire doors.

Our mission:
Adhering to international standards and continuous quality control, we create a safe, healthy and reliable environment for our people.

Our goal:
Megadoors - will become a leader in introducing innovative production in Georgia.

Our priority:
Promotion of Georgian products, job creation and employment promotion.

Why "Megadoors"?
Use in the production of high quality and environmentally friendly raw materials;
The products are designed for long-term operation;
The enterprise is equipped with modern digital tools and machine tools;
The product is created by highly qualified specialists;
Megadoors, in addition to doors of various designs and structures, offers customers floorboards, baseboards, oak flooring and wall decorative panels.

Our plans for the future:
Depending on the capabilities of the plant, the company plans to produce furniture.
Popularization and export of Georgian products abroad.