Megadoors-ISO sertifed company.

A successful relationship between producer and consumer is a quality product.

Quality is an important feature that helps keep a company competitive in today's competitive market. Therefore, when the supplier company meets the standards of quality, safety and environmental protection, customer confidence is high.

Perhaps you have often heard about ISO certification, what does it mean and when is it awarded to the manufacturer?

ISO 9001 (International Organization for Standardization) is a Certificate of Quality and Standard.

This is an international standard of quality management system, which was chosen by more than half a million different types of organizations in 159 countries of the world.

ISO certification is associated with quality throughout the world and aims to meet the needs of not only entrepreneurs, but also society.

Experts say that ISO standards help businesses grow because they: produce and deliver products and services more efficiently, safely and cleanly, and also increase export potential. 

Advantages of ISO 9001:

  • ISO 9001 improves the quality of products, processes and services;
  • Using ISO 9001 can increase customer satisfaction;
  • Implementing ISO 9001 will increase your competitiveness;
  • ISO 9001 demonstrates your attitude to quality;
  • ISO 9001 allows you to work and communicate with many companies where it provides contractual obligations or requirements for participation in tenders.

 As a company of European standard, we are proud that Megadoors received the certificate of ISO 9001: 2015. This once again underlines the quality of our products.