The partnership between Falcon Panel Products and Megadoors has been signed.

"Megadors" became the exclusive representative of Falcon Panel Product in Georgia and neighboring countries Megadors has become the official and exclusive representative of the British company Falcon Panel Product in Georgia and neighboring countries. A memorandum of understanding was signed between the two companies on January 18. The memorandum was signed by Ilia Gabaidze, Director of Megadors and Fal Percival, Director of Falcon Panel Product.

"Megadors" uses the relevant products of the European standard of Falcon in the production of fire doors, according to this standard, "Megadors" was awarded a certificate of production of fire doors by certification leader BM Trada. Falcon Panel Product is a global distributor of the door, floor, and wall insulation panels. Its products are distributed in different countries of the world. Georgia has also been added to the list of these countries.


The British company Falcon Panel Products was founded in 1986 and has since been producing fireproof and non-fireproof doors, floors and ceilings. In terms of production, Falcon Panel Products is one of the world's leading companies.